Short films

After All is Said and Done - Laura Nyahuye

Short documentary about artist Laura Nyahuye behind The Queen's Baton, The Commonwealth Games 2022.

DP/Editor: Sam Oates, So Studio UK
Director: Rachel Bunce
Created in association with Laura Nyahuye
Commissioned by Coventry City Council

Breathe, Believe - Adrian Snell

Music Video for Adrian Snell.

Director: Elinor Coleman
DOP: Rachel Bunce
Production Design: Abigail King
Actor: Medea Middleton
Editor: Rachel Bunce
Produced by Elinor Coleman and Rachel Bunce

Fierce 2019

Film document of Fierce Festival 2019.
Filmed & edited by Rachel Bunce.

Beyond the Village Hall

Documentary for Rural Touring Dance Initiative filmed over 4 years.
Filmed & edited by Rachel Bunce.